GDPR Notice

Groome Vets is committed to best practice in safeguarding the Personal Data you provide on this website or in a membership form or when you subscribe to our mailing list. 

The following Data Protection Information Notice (‘Notice’) is being provided to you to inform you of how the Personal Data provided will be used, by whom and for what purposes. If you are unclear on any aspect of this Notice, or want any further information, please contact Groome Vets.

Who is the data controller?

Groome Vets is the Data Controller.

How do I contact the Data Protection Officer for Groome Vets?

You can contact the Groome Vets Data Protection Officer as follows:

Groome Vets

South Green Rd

Kildare Town

Co Kildare

Tel: 045 521507


What is the purpose of, and legal basis for, the processing my Personal Data?

The purpose of processing your Personal Data depends on the reason you have provided it to Groome Vets .

This website facilitates:

• the submission of views and opinions;
• the submission of e-mail mailing lists

Personal Data which you have provided may include your Name, Address, Contact details, Date of Birth, Bank account or credit card details. Groome Vets collect this information and maintain it on an electronic database and in hard copy form, where applicable.  Groome Vets may also use your contact information to communicate with you.

Groome Vets are permitted to process your Personal Data and Special category of Personal Data under GDPR and under the Data Protection Acts 1988 to 2018.

Groome Vets may communicate with you information about certain events and special offers via email and/or text message if you have consented to this. Such consent can be withdrawn at any time. We may use your personal data to send you online advertisements. These online adverts will promote Groome Vets and our products. We may also use your personal data to tailor our online advertisements to attempt to ensure they are relevant to you. In order to show you such online advertisements we will need to share your personal data with relevant service providers. You can opt-out of such online advertising at any time by contacting Groome Vets on 045 521507 or It may take a few days for such opt-out requests to become effective.

Will anyone else receive a copy of my Personal Data?

Your Personal Data can be accessed by staff in Groome Vets, we sometimes use external providers for sending out Pet Club membership, booster vaccination reminders and advertising emails. All of these providers are Data Processors and contracts are in place with them to ensure they treat your Personal Data securely and in compliance with the GDPR. 

Will anyone else have access to my Personal Data?

Your Personal Data will be stored electronically on Groome Vets Database and sometimes hard copies will be stored in secure filing cabinets. During maintenance of the database, IT support and Database Support providers may have access to the Personal Data in the database. Such providers are Data Processors and contracts are in place with them to ensure they treat your Personal Data securely and in compliance with the GDPR. 

Will my Personal Data be transferred outside of the European Economic Area?

Your Personal Data may be sent outside of the European Economic Area as a result of Groome Vets use of certain software (e.g. Google, Mailchimp), the providers of which store and process some of its data in servers outside of the EEA, including Australia and the USA. Such transfers are on the basis of safeguard measures such as standard contractual clauses or an adequacy  decision by the European Commission.

How long will my Personal Data be stored for?

This depends on the purpose for which your Personal Data is processed. 

Personal Data obtained for record keeping for as long as you remain a client of our Veterinary Hospital or for email advertising for as long as the time you may wish to opt-out.Some Personal Data may be required after this time in order to comply with certain legal, accounting and regulatory obligations to which Groome Vets is subject to, e.g. Standards in Public Office.

How can I obtain a copy of the Personal Data held by Groome Vets?

You have the right to request a copy of all of your Personal Data and can do so by contacting:

Groome Vets

South Green Rd

Kildare Town

Co Kildare

What other rights do I have?

You have the right to request to have your Personal Data updated, rectified, or deleted if you so wish. You have the right to have the processing of your Personal Data restricted. You have the right to object to your Personal Data being processed. You have the right to withdraw any consent provided at any time. 

To exercise these rights or to obtain further information, please contact the Data Protection Officer.

Please note, there may be certain limited circumstances where these rights may be restricted.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Commissioner, please see


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-​Dr Des Groome's motto .

“”My name is Des Groome, owner-founder of Groome Vets Ltd. I grew up on a stud farm in Carbury, co. Kildare surrounded by Mares, Foals, Racehorses, Cows, Dogs, Cats, Foxes, Rabbits and all God’s creatures. I think I was born to be a Vet and have worked with animals my entire life either on the farm as a stable groom, dog trainer, jockey, Vet. After an early veterinary career globe trotting and working with every species from racehorses to tigers, camels and parrots I established Kildare Vet Surgery in 1999 and built an accredited pet hospital here in 2005.

My guiding ethos as a Vet is to help animals live their best natural lives. There are 3 ways we do that which make us different from other practices- We focus on your animals lifestyle helping you understand your pet and their natural needs.
We focus on preventative healthcare for your pet.
And thirdly when your pet does become ill or elderly we focus on quality of Life issues before we do the usual array of scans and tests.
Our health plans are a life plan to keep your pet healthy. We are now developing daycare facilities, boarding kennels, a dog park, dog training service, pet fitness centre and our Groome Vet range of premium food. All these innovations are moving me closer to my life time aim of helping animals live their best natural lives. I have established also a sister company GymDog limited which will develop our Pet Gym service alongside Groome Vets to further improve pet’s lives by offering dog training, day care, fitness and therapy. This will make our hospital, resort and therapy centre for pets at South Green Road Kildare unique in Ireland.
I believe our mission of Helping Pets live their Best Lives is a unique statement in the Irish Veterinary Landscape

I recruit like minded people who’ve also grown up with animals and are here to support pet owners. “”