Pet Boarding

Speak to one of our nurses/veterinary assistants today about allowing us to care for your pet while you are away. 

  • 4 acre site in Kildare for Dogs
  • Four outdoor enclosures for dogs
  • Heated indoor kennels​​
  • ​365 days of the year
  • ​Professional Kenneling by Our Qualified Veterinary Team
  • ​Medical and Extra Pet Care A Specialty
  • Neutering, Grooming, Vaccines Available In-House
  • ​Group Discounts and Long Stay Discounts
  • ​High Quality Feed from Glanbia-Gain​

Digital Radiology

​This amazing service differs from traditional x-ray in that the image quality is superior. This allows us to make treatment decisions for your pet in a more informed and efficient manner. 


All pets require vaccinating every year. Infectious diseases are still very common throughout the country. 


Microchipping is now compulsory for all dogs in Ireland. Microchipping is available for all types of pets. 

Dog Boarding/Cattery

Our dog boarding kennels are located on our four acre site in Kildare. We now have a cattery in both clinics. 

Dog Grooming

Available for both dogs and cats, we provide pet grooming in both clinics. 


​Dental hygiene is vital for your pet and we provide all veterinary dental services at Kildare Vet Surgery. 

Price List

Click above for our most recent pricelist. Please contact us for multiple pet discounts. 

Pet spaying/neutering

We recommend all pets that are not going to be bred from, should be neutered. 


We stock a full range of our own brand foods, of which the ingredients have been specifically selected by Dr Des to suit all our clients needs

Blood Sampling

All our blood testing is now done in house. Giving us important information about your pet within minutes. 

Yearly Pet/Puppy Plans

Our pet plans ensure your pet has the highest level of care throughout the entire year, covering all the necessary treatments to keep your pet fit and well. 

Lost and Found Pets

Click on the link above for a list of contacts for lost and found dogs 

Dog Training

Our super professional experienced dog trainer Aoife is on hand to deal with all your dog training


Stop worrying about your pets being home alone, allow them to have a fun filled day here with us while you are away

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-​Dr Des Groome's motto .

“”My name is Des Groome, owner-founder of Groome Vets Ltd. I grew up on a stud farm in Carbury, co. Kildare surrounded by Mares, Foals, Racehorses, Cows, Dogs, Cats, Foxes, Rabbits and all God’s creatures. I think I was born to be a Vet and have worked with animals my entire life either on the farm as a stable groom, dog trainer, jockey, Vet. After an early veterinary career globe trotting and working with every species from racehorses to tigers, camels and parrots I established Kildare Vet Surgery in 1999 and built an accredited pet hospital here in 2005.

My guiding ethos as a Vet is to help animals live their best natural lives. There are 3 ways we do that which make us different from other practices- We focus on your animals lifestyle helping you understand your pet and their natural needs.
We focus on preventative healthcare for your pet.
And thirdly when your pet does become ill or elderly we focus on quality of Life issues before we do the usual array of scans and tests.
Our health plans are a life plan to keep your pet healthy. We are now developing daycare facilities, boarding kennels, a dog park, dog training service, pet fitness centre and our Groome Vet range of premium food. All these innovations are moving me closer to my life time aim of helping animals live their best natural lives. I have established also a sister company GymDog limited which will develop our Pet Gym service alongside Groome Vets to further improve pet’s lives by offering dog training, day care, fitness and therapy. This will make our hospital, resort and therapy centre for pets at South Green Road Kildare unique in Ireland.
I believe our mission of Helping Pets live their Best Lives is a unique statement in the Irish Veterinary Landscape

I recruit like minded people who’ve also grown up with animals and are here to support pet owners. “”