Clare Lacey

​Its only when you have a sick animal that you truly appreciate how important it is to have a great vet in your corner. Lucy had to be rushed in for emergency surgery yesterday to have a hysterectomy and septicemia. She was kept in over night and were delighted that the surgery went well and she is on her way home. Just want to give our sincere thanks to Des Groome and all the staff at Groome vets (naming Claire Fanning who sent me updates every few hours and pictures) for their hard work and professionalism. Cant recommend Des enough Im forever thankful looking after my little girl

Kellie Dawson

​Thanks to Des Groome and the girls Socks is recovering well from his dentistry work today! Poor pooch must have been in agony, and he never grumped once. Lots of cuddles tonight and of course Spud is on watch! 💜💜🐕🐕

Christine Fitzgibbon

Look who just got his stitches out and doing well. Thanks to Des Groome he can see again 

June Flood

Lola Antoinette Flod after her day with Claire and all the team at Des Groomes Vets thanks so much, looking forward to having little Sadie May home tomorrow 

Veronika Cermakouva

​I visited Groome🐾Vets today with my Greyhound X and I would like to say big thank you for your time and kindness.They go straight to the point and they listening you.I appreciate that 

Susan Davis

Thank u Des Groome for looking after Porter so well. He’s happy lying on the sofa. See u next Saturday for removal of the stitches & cone 

Kieran Byrne

Thanks Des Groome and Gwen for looking after Olaf so well today 

Lola Antoinette Flood

My hero!!!! Thanks for helping me WOOF WOOF
He’s the best vet and Clare is the best nurse!!! Looking forward to a nice groom with Clare once my stitches are out 

Shane O Donnell

​Fantastic vet Des Groome knows what he’s doing and talking about people in Portarlington,Kildare & surrounding areas very lucky to have a vet like him 👍👍 

Mandy Forbes

​Iv had my tigger a boxer there before and they were amazing.genuinely caring to get to the bottom of a pets illness without charging way over like other vets .i wouldnt go anywere else. 

Jennifer Moran

We headed away for a few days and left the two pooches with Des Groome
I really couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Not only were they properly looked after but they arrived home clean and fluffy after a pampering wash! Thanks to Claire Fanning too.  Excellent service and great value for money if you’re looking for some great dog kennels

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-​Dr Des Groome's motto .

“”My name is Des Groome, owner-founder of Groome Vets Ltd. I grew up on a stud farm in Carbury, co. Kildare surrounded by Mares, Foals, Racehorses, Cows, Dogs, Cats, Foxes, Rabbits and all God’s creatures. I think I was born to be a Vet and have worked with animals my entire life either on the farm as a stable groom, dog trainer, jockey, Vet. After an early veterinary career globe trotting and working with every species from racehorses to tigers, camels and parrots I established Kildare Vet Surgery in 1999 and built an accredited pet hospital here in 2005.

My guiding ethos as a Vet is to help animals live their best natural lives. There are 3 ways we do that which make us different from other practices- We focus on your animals lifestyle helping you understand your pet and their natural needs.
We focus on preventative healthcare for your pet.
And thirdly when your pet does become ill or elderly we focus on quality of Life issues before we do the usual array of scans and tests.
Our health plans are a life plan to keep your pet healthy. We are now developing daycare facilities, boarding kennels, a dog park, dog training service, pet fitness centre and our Groome Vet range of premium food. All these innovations are moving me closer to my life time aim of helping animals live their best natural lives. I have established also a sister company GymDog limited which will develop our Pet Gym service alongside Groome Vets to further improve pet’s lives by offering dog training, day care, fitness and therapy. This will make our hospital, resort and therapy centre for pets at South Green Road Kildare unique in Ireland.
I believe our mission of Helping Pets live their Best Lives is a unique statement in the Irish Veterinary Landscape

I recruit like minded people who’ve also grown up with animals and are here to support pet owners. “”