Dog Training

Fitting your new pet into your life can sometimes be more challenging than we may have thought, the cute sleepy puppy can suddenly turn into an active, crazy teenager, but that’s why we are here to help, like us every dog is different and most dogs can have issues fitting into our lifestyle. We cater for all types of problems you and your pet may be experiencing.


                  Some common issues we can help with


                           -Jumping Up                                                – Leash walking

                           -Nipping/Chewing                                       -Hyperactivity

                           -Greeting people                                          -Greeting other dogs

                           -Destructive behaviour                                -Excessive barking

                           -Meeting other dogs                                     -Meeting other pets

                           -Disobedience                                                 -Off leash recall

Our Dog Training is unique

We use a scorecard process covering four key areas
1. Socialization with other dogs
2. Socialization with people
3. Obedience
4. Walking and lead training

All our day lessons come with homework which helps to keep the new routine going


Advantages of Training

• Improved obedience • Quality time • Piece of mind • Reduced aggression/destruction/anxiety • Confident and happy pets and owners

40 euros per day lesson

Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Take a peek inside our Doggie playground


                           -Two double dog treadmills                      – Fenced secure dog park

                           -Enclosed sand play area                           -Courtyard style exercise areas

                           -Outdoor day kennels                                  -Agility training area

                           –  Indoor kennels with heating                   -Separate small dog area

                           -Purpose built training ring                         -Countryside setting


For more information on training and to book visit our GymDog site below